Mad About Safety

70 Years of Grampaw Pettibone
Compiled by Dave Bradford

Naval Aviation News has often recognized the pioneering work of Capt. Seth Warner, who gave Gramps his voice and mission, and Bob Osborn who created his familiar, if sometimes startling visage. Starting with the efforts of these two wonderfully creative naval aviators, Gramps has persevered through 70 years, keeping the “Dilberts” of the Navy mindful of the dangers of top hatting, over-confidence, and under-rating NATOPS as they have threatened nearly every naval flying machine from flying boats to Hornets with their dangerous, and sometimes humorous, forays into the wild blue yonder.

Gramps’ unique style of keeping our flyboys safe and humble has been celebrated often in these pages over the years. For his 70th year, we would like to bring back some of Gramps’ best raging moments where he has haranged pilots into saving themselves and their aircraft from ignoble ends at the hands of laziness, incompetence, ignorance, and distraction.

Here are the faces of Gramps through seven decades of conniption fits, epileptic diatribes, inconsolable rages, and the occasional plain ole temper tantrum…watch out for that cane!